Important Info: CNCLF 2017


Thank you for registering for the first edition of Cosy Nook Children’s Literature Festival, to be held at Raheja Residency (Party Hall) from 10 a.m. on Sunday, 5th November.
Thanks to your overwhelming response, REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.
We have an exciting line-up of author discussions, writing workshop, panel discussion, illustration sessions lined up for our little and not-so-little friends. We at Cosy Nook are looking forward with great anticipation to welcoming the children tomorrow.
We thought this would be a good time to also let you know about a few things which will really help us in keeping the day running smoothly, and on time.
  • Do come to the registration desk in the morning between 9-945 am, and get your child’s name ticked off against our registered people’s list.
  • Please examine the schedule (at https://cosynooklibrary. carefully and choose the sessions that you feel your child will enjoy the most.
  • Choose sessions that are age appropriate, and match his/her interests.
  • Please be ON TIME, so that we can start and end our sessions on time.
  • Those who are attending Priya Kuriyan and Bijal Vachharajani’s sessions should come with a pencil box with pencil, eraser and pen. They can also bring any kind of colours they wish (colour pencil, crayons).
  • Those coming for Bijal’s session should also bring any kind of object from the house (dice, old spectacles, small toy, leaf, anything).
  • The packed lunch will be available from 1.15 pm in the club house. Do please come with EXACT CHANGE (Rs 150) if  you have opted for it.
  • There will be a pop up bookstore in the club house balcony from 930 am tomorrow. Do please browse through the wonderful collection of books there alone, or with your child, and add to your book collection at home! We will be available for any book recommendations if you want. The day’s authors’ books will be displayed separately. Your child can buy from there and get the book signed after each session.
  • Do go through the previous blogposts for more information.
Mostly, we want everyone to have fun, and that can happen if everyone cooperates with us in keeping things neat, clean and orderly. Thank you once again for your enthusiastic support for this endeavour from Cosy Nook Library.
We will see you all at the Party Hall in Raheja Residency Sunday morning!
Team Cosy Nook

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