CNL Newsletter – July 2020

Welcome to Club GReadY, and Cosy Nook Library’s monthly newsletter

Is this yet another dreary item for you to read every month?

Are we going to bore you to tears?

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No, no and a big, resounding YES.

With this newsletter we hope to be directly in touch with each of you and tell you what’s happening at the library each month. This newsletter will bring to you:

  • Library activities. 
  • New book news. 
  • Book recommendations.

We hope you will enjoy receiving this missive from our desk to yours, and it will help you put aside work from home worries, online school worries, mommy I’m bored and daddy what’s for dinner worries, and catch up on the books and activities Cosy Nook Library has to offer. 

Just in case you are wondering who is Cosy Nook Library, here is a link to our website. It will tell you who we are (a children’s library in Bangalore), what we do (we run two libraries just for children), and what gets us excited (reading, books, seeing kids read, turning kids into voracious readers, books, oh did we mention books? Yes, books.)

July at Cosy Nook Library

We are delighted to present our brand new offering of online activities: On the Green.

On the Green is a monthly activity package in which you will get live, online storytelling, workshop/hands-on activities, and book clubs. All of these can be accessed from the comfort and safety of your homes. Many parents have spoken to us of their concerns about keeping children gainfully occupied. We hope with this we will connect with the children and help open new vistas of knowledge and creativity for them.

You can sign up for each of these sessions individually, or you can opt to buy a package for the month at a discounted rate.

For July, we present:

Storytelling with Aunty Jo

Let’s Do the Rain Dance with Aunty Jo!

Join Jo as she tells 3 stories on the theme of RAIN. Listen to her mesmerising storytelling, and do the activities with her.

Jyothi Kunjoor has conducted over 1000 storytelling sessions. She is a certified professional storyteller from Kathalaya, an internationally accredited institute for storytelling. She has performed at Bethany High, Bethany Junior School, Valley School, Indus International Pre-School, India International Pre-School, St. Paul’s School, Cosy Nook Library, Hippocampus and Crossword.

For ages: 5+

Session date: 5 July 2020

Timing: 11 am-1230 pm

Session fee: Rs 150

Writing Workshop with Anitha Murthy

Let your imagination soar as you weave stories magical and ingenious. Anitha Murthy will guide the participants, telling them how to construct a story, giving them writing prompts, writing tips and also providing feedback on the final story that they write. A golden opportunity to learn from a published author!

Anitha Murthy is a Bengaluru-based software consultant, and partner-cum-librarian at Cosy Nook Library. She has written in many genres, right from short stories and poetry, to humour and travel. Her books for children have been published by Talking Cub and Pratham Books. Her latest books are The Teenage Diary of Razia Sultan and Great Folk Tales of the World.

For ages: 6+

Session date: 12 July 2020

Timing: 11 am-1230 pm

Session fee: Rs 150

The ReaDD or Read, Discuss, Debate Book Club with Radhika Aunty

Run by our co-librarian Radhika Mantri, at the book club we will discuss chosen books, authors, or themes in a friendly and safe online space. ReaDD Book Club will not only help children hone their reading skills, but also build their confidence and help them articulate their thoughts. Mostly, it will be a lot of fun, as no child has ever walked away from Radhika’s book club without turning into a book monster. 

For ages: 8+

Session date: 19 July 2020

Timing: 11 am-1230 pm

Session fee: Rs 150

You can opt for all 3 sessions at a discounted rate of Rs 400.

How to sign up: Call/Whatsapp or email us at the contacts given at the end of this newsletter.

New books at Cosy Nook

There was no lockdown on our enthusiasm in bringing wonderful new books to the library. We added over a 100 books in the month of June.

Here are some highlights. (Please note these titles are available across the two branches of Cosy Nook Library):

1. Rainbow Boys/Girls by Kamla Bhasin, illustrated by Priya Kuriyan. For age 5+

2. The Art Gallery on Princess Street, by Jerry Pinto, illustrated by Kripa. For age 8+

3. Kaya’s Journey, the Story of a 100-Year-Old Koi Fish, by Mila Kahon, illustrated by Paridhi Didwania. For age 6+

4. Malala; My Story of Standing Up for Girls’ Rights, by Malala Yousufzai. For age: 9+

5. Happy Birthday, World! by Ruskin Bond. For age: 8+

6. Gravepyres School for the Recently Deceased, by Anita Roy. For age: 10+

7. Bear Grylls Adventures: A Blizzard Challenge, by Bear Grylls. For age: 8+

8. Being Gandhi, by Paro Anand. For age: 10+

9. Oddbird, by Anupa Lal, illustrations by Prabha Mallya. For age: 8+

10. The Swan Car of Nabha and Other Unusual Stories from History, by Mini Menon. For age 10+

Our Recommendations

Given the choice of over 2000 and 3000 titles at each of our libraries, we realize it can get a bit puzzling to choose the best books. Librarians Anitha, Radhika and Sudeshna love prowling the shelves and picking out just the perfect book that your child needs.

Here are our recommendations for the month:

Sudeshna: The Line Tender by Kate Allen 

Easily the most wonderful book I have read this year, and for a while lately. This tender, funny and sad young adult novel is a moving story of friendship and coming to terms with grief. It is the story of Lucy Everhart, as she tries to understand the work her marine biologist mother used to do, and the devastating loss that she suffers. Through her story we meet a cast of exceptionally drawn characters, and a story that takes us right into the deepest reaches of the human heart. The physical copy of this book is so beautiful that I recommend people read the printed book. But remember to keep a hanky or two nearby!

Anitha: Nimmi’s Spectabulous Schooldays by Shabnam Minwalla

Nimmi’s Spectabulous Schooldays is an absolute riot of a book. It starts with Nimmi Daruwala waking up to the first day of Grade 6 and thinking all sorts of thoughts. The ride in the school bus, the best friend who seems to have moved along to a more popular gang, a favourite teacher bring replaced by  a not-so nice one…all the things one can easily relate to make the book such a lovely read. The laughs are a-plenty and every character, whether it is the exuberant principal or the cool band guy  is memorable. This book does its juju on you and the best part is that there are two more books in the series that you can enjoy with Nimmi.

Radhika: The Swan Car of Nabha and Other Unusual Stories from History by Mini Menon

My recommendation for this month is this book which is full of geography, palaeontology, cars, kings, nawabs, and more. We learn about drifting continents, dinosaurs with Sanskrit names, royal dogs getting married in pearls and diamonds with hundreds of guests and so much more! The story about Gautama Buddha’s ashes at a museum in Patna, Bihar was a revelation to me. This book is full of history, of a time gone by, but the stories remain thrilling and fascinating even today. Although author Mini Menon has written the book in a very child-friendly manner, the book is equally enjoyable for adults. 

Only Connect

The librarians of Cosy Nook had a long, happy chat with one of our dear library friends as part of a podcast series. If you wish to hear why we set up Cosy Nook, our ideas about reading, books for children, and how to get children to read, you can watch it here:

If you wish to get real-time updates of our news and activities, do follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@NookCosy) and Instagram (@cosynooklibrary).


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