CNL Newsletter – October 2020

 A happy October hello from Cosy Nook Library!

September was super fun for all of us at Cosy Nook Library. With exciting On the Green events, new books added in both libraries, and eventful library days every day we were open, we were busy busy busy as bees!

On the Green events for September

On the Green in September was one hands-on and creative session after another.

Aunty Jo told stories about Coconuts and Teachers, and every child (and librarian) got to learn how to spell their name in sign language!

Andaleeb Wajid’s storywriting session had everyone all excited, because she taught how to write a horror story in 50 words! Provided with some amazing prompts, the kids wrote stories that were gory and scary.

READD book club was all about animals this time, as we talked about books with animal protagonists. Everyone had an interesting book to talk about, and the session ended with a hilarious string story where kids got to give an entirely new twist to the classic The Wind in the Willows.


Library will be closed from 10th to 17 October.

On the Green is taking a break in the month of October.

It will be back in November with a super exciting surprise!


It’s Raining Books!

Some of the new books added to the libraries last month:

1.      Friends Behind Walls, Harshikaa Udasi, age 8+

2.      Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure, Jeff Kinney, age 9+

3.      Ha…Ha Hasya, Ashok Rajagopalan, age 10+

4.      No Time for Goodbyes, Andaleeb Wajid, age 12+

5.      Bad Guys, Aaron Blabey, (various books in the series) age 9+

6.      Little House on the Prairie, Laura Ingalls Wilder, age 10+

7.      Myths of the Norsemen, Roger Lancelyn Green, age 10+

8.      Books by Erle Stanley Gardner about Perry Mason, age 13+

Our Recommendations

Every month we choose our top picks from the over 5000 titles available on our library shelves. Here are our picks for October!

Radhika: The Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle

This is a beautifully illustrated book by Eric Carle, with some superb storytelling.

Chameleon is just a happy guy, eating flies, changing colours and living his colourful life, until he visits a zoo one day. At the zoo, he sees so many interesting animals that he wants to be all of them! When his wish comes true and he does become a little of this animal and a little bit of that, he realises, he cannot do what he loves to do most! What is it, you ask? Read the book!

This book is perfect on many levels. It can be used to teach and discuss various animals and colours. The repetitive text helps build sight vocabulary in early and emergent readers. But the greatest takeaway from the book is a profound and pertinent message for the child and the adult reading with the child.

Forty years after it was first published, The Mixed-Up Chameleon remains a very relevant picture book. I have used it extensively in my classroom over the years and with my own children. So, pick up that copy now for a fun read, Eric Carle style.

Sudeshna: A Cloud Called Bhura by Bijal Vachharajani

Mumbai wakes up one morning to find a huge brown cloud hovering over the city. It seems to be made up of every kind of pollutant humans have pumped into the air. Four friends, Amni, Tammy, Mithil and Andrew start finding out more about the cloud that the media calls Bhura Cloudus. It contains noxious gases, causes scalding rain to fall, makes birds flee the city, and suffocates every living thing. As the groan-ups start blaming each other, it is up to the children to find a way to save their beloved city.

A Cloud Called Bhura was awarded the AutHER Book Award in the Children’s category in 2020, and shortlisted for the Crossword Book Award. It combines climate change, a mystery, an adventure, and is a call to children everywhere to think and act for the environment. Funny and thought-provoking, this is a fantastic read for children age 10 and up.

Anitha: Flyaway Boy by Jane De Suza

This book cannot be put in a box with a label. Is it a story for kids or adults? Is it the story of Kabir or Ma and Pa or Kavni or Chinmoy? Is it adventure or mystery? Is it about kindness or imagination and creativity? Children will recognize themselves, adults will not just recognize themselves but the children they once were. A gentle story that nudges us to think out of the box, strip all our labels, and follow the line that will take you to all sorts of places, if you let it; a  funny story that makes you laugh and cry at the same time; characters that stay with you long after the book is closed: Flyaway Boy is all this and more. As Alok rightly says, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So I strongly urge you to dive into this remarkable, magical book yourself, and create your own story. You will love it! For 9 years and above. 

In the media

We added further videos to our YouTube channel, from book recommendations to author conversations, to our brand new section: Book Talk, where a book’s creator will be the one talking about her/his book!

Here are our September videos:

Books on Libraries

Book Talk with Harshikaa Udasi on her new book Friends Behind Walls

Books Featuring Animals

Conversation with Ashok Rajagopalan creator of the Gajapati Kulapati series and more

Would you like us to make a video on a specific topic, or have suggestions? Do write to us!

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