CNL Newsletter – November 2020

Hello from Cosy Nook Library!

The monsoon is over, and a soft sunshine is bathing everything around us here in Bangalore. Our two libraries have been buzzing with hundreds of books being issued and returned in the last month. We are delighted that our members are reading so much, and many thank yous are due to the parents for being so involved in their reading journey. Your feedback and encouragement have lifted our spirits again and again.

On the Green took a break in October. However, we were still as busy!

In a first for us, the publishers Talking Cub (the children’s imprint of Speaking Tiger Books) collaborated with us to do a digital launch of their new book A Bend in Time: Writings by Children on the COVID-19 Pandemic. Cosy Nook Library hosted the 12 writers whose work is featured in the book. Ranging from age 9 to 19, these young writers were interviewed by Librarian Radhika, and spoke about their writing journey, and their thoughts and feelings about the pandemic. It was a beautiful, thought-provoking event attended by an audience of nearly a 100.

Watch the video of the book launch here: Book Launch: A Bend in Time


Our grand November event!

Everyone’s favourite comics magazine Tinkle celebrates 40 years this Children’s Day. And to celebrate, they have collaborated with Cosy Nook Library for an exclusive art workshop! Conducted by Savio Mascarenhas, the Art Director of Tinkle Studios and Amar Chitra Katha, over 90 minutes the  participants will learn how to create their own comics. This is a fantastic opportunity and huge honour for the Cosy Nook family. 

Do sign up for this workshop here:

Session fee: Rs. 500; Sibling discount fee: Rs. 300

Details here:


It’s Raining Books!

Some of the new books added to the libraries last month:

1.     The Tower of Nero, Rick Riordan, age 10+

2.      The Grand Chapati Contest, Asha Nehemiah, age 6+

3.      The Secret Life of Debbie G., Vibha Batra, age 14+

4.      A Bend in Time: Writings by Children on the COVID-19 Pandemic, various authors, age 10+

5.      Queen of Earth, Devika Rangachari, age 12+

6.      Isapuram Tales Book 1 and 2, Anita Satyajit, age 6+

Our Recommendations

Every month we choose our top picks from the over 5000 titles available on our library shelves. Here are our picks for October!

Sudeshna: A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness

I had heard about this cult classic book for long, and finally at the urging of a friend I picked up a copy from our own library shelves. And how much I loved it! I read it in one long, breathless and tearful gulp. Thirteen-year-old Conor is being visited by the same nightmare every night. Then one day, he meets a monster. The yew tree outside his window walks up to him and demands to talk to him. He thinks this is yet another nightmare, but no, it is all too real. As the monster visits him again and again stories come tumbling out—both told by the monster and from Conor’s own life. Pushed further and further to confront head-on all that is going on in his life—his mother’s illness, his grandmother’s sternness, his father’s absence, his own bullying—Conor reaches a point where the only thing that will redeem him is his own worst nightmare.

Dark, tender, brutal and absolutely beautiful, A Monster Calls won the Carnegie Medal and has been made into a graphic novel and a movie. But first read the book. Ideal for readers 14 years and above.

Anitha: The Borrowers, Mary Norton

Have you ever wondered where all your things mysteriously disappear? You swear you had so many pencils or crayons or erasers or hair-clips or safety pins, but when you really need them, you can’t find a single one! Someone’s been taking them for sure, don’t you think?

Psst! The secret is out…they’ve all been taken by the Borrowers!

The Borrowers by Mary Norton was written in 1952, yet still makes for such a great read! Of course, some things are a bit difficult to understand because it’s set in a different time, but the story completely draws you in. Arrietty Clock is curious about the world outside her cosy home; her busy and nervous mother Homily is enthralled by new furniture, but is also instrumental in getting Arrietty to read and write; her father Pod Clock is a first-rate Borrower and knows all the tricks of the trade. But disaster strikes when first Pod and then Arrietty are “seen”! What will happen to their home? Will the cruel Mrs. Driver drive them away? And what about the Boy? Can he help them at all?

The book transports you to a completely different world, yet the anxieties and worries about home and hearth are universal and strike a chord. The descriptions are so lovely that you can imagine the scenes perfectly. An absolutely charming book that’s worth all the awards it has won. Do read it! The book is ideal for readers 8 years and above.

Radhika: The Grand Chapati Contest, Asha Nehemiah

 The king is a happy king. He’s never upset or sad, unless his chapatis are not fluffy and puffy. Nothing bothers this king, except imperfect chapatis. But, one day, the palace’s chief chapati chef leaves to become a holy man, and the king has no one to make him fluffy puffy chapatis. The queen doesn’t make chapatis, but has the best solutions. She decides to have a contest, a Grand Chapati Contest to find the best chapati maker in the kingdom.

Little Meena, who lives with her father, a peanut seller and her mother, a super chapati maker, hears about this contest. She dreams of her mother winning the contest and getting many gold coins and the job of the palace chapati maker to the king!

Does Meena’s mother win the contest, does she get the job and the gold coins? You must read this lovely book by Asha Nehemaih to find out. In true Asha’s writing style, the book is full of little details, humour and little pieces of wisdom quietly tucked in.

The illustrations by Chetan Sharma, capture the personalities of all the characters that Asha has created and make the book extra special.

The Grand Chapati Contest is an offering from Duckbill in their Hook Book series. A perfect choice for an independent emergent reader, the text, language and illustrations are just right. Do get this latest book from Asha Nehemaih for the little reader in your life. Ideal for readers 6 years and above.

In the media

Our video channel grew in uploads and subscribers this month. Have you subscribed yet for exclusive book recommendations, book conversations and more? Here are the videos we posted in October:

 October news!

Conversation with Sayantani Das Gupta, author of the Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond series

Reading Nook: Picture books that comfort

Book Launch: A Bend in Time

Book Talk: The Secret Life of Debbie G.

Book Talk: The Adventures of Goopy and Bagha

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