Library Newsletter February 2021

Hello from Cosy Nook Library!

2021 is already a month old! In Bangalore, our libraries are bathed in a wonderful spring light born out of the midday sun reflecting off the spines of rows of books. It’s one of our favourite sights and we can never tire of it! 

Happy birthday to us!

Our wonderful library at Koramangala 1st Block turned a year old on 26 January. We had a fitting celebration with our dear members dropping in to exchange books, sitting quietly in corners to read, seeking out the cats that have made their home here to pet them, and to talk to us about books. Our guests also included our author friends, neighbours, parents of members and family, and we were delighted by the lovely cards and gifts that were showered on us. Truly this love overwhelms us.

Our two libraries are humming and buzzing six days a week and we remain amazed at how much our members are reading.

The timings are:

Cosy Nook Library, Raheja Residency: Tuesday and Friday, 3.30-5.30 pm

Cosy Nook Library, ILM Montessori: Monday, Thursday and Saturday, 3-5 pm

We welcome walk-ins, and would love to bring in new members into our cosy nooks.

Visit us soon, or you can chat with us on the phone, online or on email. 

Books! Books! Books! New on our shelves

1.   The Old Animals Forest Band, Sirish Rao, Durga Bai, age 3+

2.   The Bear Who Went Boo, David Walliams, age 5+

3.   Chuchu Manthu’s Jar of Toffees, Adithi Rao, age 6+

4.   A Clown for Tenali Rama, Subhadra Sen Gupta, age 9+

5.   Deep End; Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Jeff Kinney, age 9+

6.   Dare to Be You, Matthew Syed, age 9+

7.   The Mystery of the School on Fire, Ravi Subramaniam, age 10+

8.   When Stars Are Scattered, Valerie Jamieson, age 10+

9.   A Tale of Magic, Chris Colfer, age 11+

10.                Out of My Mind, Sharon Draper, age 11+

Librarians Recommend

Librarians Radhika and Sudeshna kept themselves busy with their noses in plenty of books, so they can give the best and most appropriate recommendations when asked. Truly, a good librarian never sleeps (because she is reading late into the night!).

Here are our recommendations for the month from among some delightful books we had the privilege to read:

Radhika Sathe Mantri: Out of My Mind, Sharon Draper

Out Of My Mind, by Sharon M Draper is a middle-grade novel about a girl with special needs and her struggle to communicate with the world. Melody Brooks is a brilliant 11-year-old girl who knows words and music and math and a whole lot about the world. But no one knows that Melody knows so much. The book is a beautiful peek into the world of differently abled children, their families, their everyday challenges and frustrations, but also and most importantly, a peek into their dreams and aspirations.

Out Of My Mind is beautifully written, well researched and a very honest representation of human tendencies. As a Special Education teacher myself, this book is especially close to my heart. I will recommend this book as a great resource for empathy building among our children. The book is quite nuanced, funny in that lovely way, teaches us a lot, while not getting preachy or tedious at any point.

I will recommend this book for children 11 years and older or even for an accelerated 10 year olds and definitely for the parents of the young readers.

Melody Brooks will make you giggle, make you appreciate life a bit more, will leave you a little teary eyed, but you will finish the book as a slightly transformed reader.

Sudeshna Shome Ghosh: When Stars Are Scattered, Valerie Jamieson, Omar Mohamed

I read a graphic novel after a long time when I got my hands on this book, and I wondered why I don’t read them more often. When Stars Are Scattered is the story of Omar and his brother, alone and parent-less, living in the refugee camp Dabdab in Kenya. Driven from their village in Somalia, they live in the camp, hoping one day to be chosen to emigrate to another country. But meanwhile, there is a life to live here—to go to school, to make friends, for Omar to look after his little brother, to understand the values of community, kindness, hope and love. Based on a true story, this is a book that is as heartwarming as it is important. If you are a parent, it may bring tears to your eyes. If you are a reader of any age it will uplift you, make you look beyond the bounds of your immediate life and wonder at the cruelties and inequities that exist, and the limitless possibilities that are there for those who believe in themselves.

I recommend this book highly for readers both adult and children. Ideal for children 10 years and above.

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Library Newsletter January 2021

Hello from Cosy Nook Library!

It’s a brand new day, and a brand new year! Leaving the old behind, we step into year 2021. While 2020 held many lessons and messages for us, we are looking forward to the new year: to more books, more reading friends, and fresh challenges. We wish our Cosy Nook family the very best of health and happiness and peace for 2021.

2021, what we are looking forward to

Our libraries are open and bursting with books! Despite a pandemic and its challenges, we added more than 200 books over the last 6 months to our shelves, and our members have responded with enthusiasm, reading more and more and more!

We are happy to announce that starting 2021, we are open for longer hours.

New timings:

Cosy Nook Library, Raheja Residency: Tuesday and Friday, 3.30-5.30 pm

Cosy Nook Library, ILM Montessori: Monday, Thursday and Saturday, 3-5 pm

We welcome walk-ins, and would love to bring in new members into our cosy nooks.

Visit us soon, or you can chat with us on the phone, online or on email.

Books! Books! Books! New on our shelves

1.   Mog on Fox Night, Judith Kerr, age 3+

2.   My Grandpa is Amazing, Nick Butterworth, age 3+

3.   My Grandma Is Wonderful, Nick Butterworth, age 3+

4.   I Broke My Trunk!, Mo Williems, age 5+

5.   Are You Ready to Play Outside?, Mo Williems, age 5+

6.   We’re All Wonders, R J Palacio, age 6+

7.   Happy Birthday X3, Libby Gleeson, age 7+

8.   The Lost Treasure, Jan Stradling, age 7+

9.   Robin Hood’s Day, Josephine Feene, age 7+

10.        Colly’s Barn, Michael Morpugo, age 7+

11.        April Fools Mr. Todd! Megan McDonald, age 8+

12.        Mrs. Moody in the Birthday Jinx, Megan McDonald, age 8+

13.        Willy Visits the Square World, Jeffrey Archer, age 9+

14.        Willy and the Killer Kipper, Jeffrey Archer, age 9+

15.        By Royal Appointment, Jeffrey Archer, age 9+

16.        Time Travelling with a Hamster, Ross Welford, age 10+

17.        Code Name Bananas, David Walliams, age 10+

Librarians Recommend

In the year 2020 we turned to books often for comfort and understanding. Here are the books that we recommend because these are the ones that gave us joy and brought warmth and much needed perspective on the year that was.

Radhika Sathe Mantri: Bookworm: A Memoir of Childhood Reading by Lucy Mangan

The book that tops my list this year is not a children’s book at all, but rather a book about children’s books. This one may not be for our children, but definitely for the children we once were. Author Lucy Mangan takes us on a whimsical and sometimes very poignant journey in Bookworm: A Memoir of Childhood Reading

Lucy writes an account of her experiences as a reader, how books impacted her young life, how they shaped her as a person and we find what an universal and a shared experience books and reading can be. Whether it is discovering Enid Blyton for the first time, or looking past the mess in the cupboard to find Narnia, she writes about how certain classics are incredible and then some that give us nightmares into adulthood. Lucy also writes about the importance of libraries and how parents play such an important role in creating readers of the world.

Through this book we find how beautifully books unite us across countries and continents and time. As I read Bookworm, I met old friends in those pages, I met a young me and I also learnt so much about the history and about the superstars of children’s literature—the illustrators, the publishers and of course the writers.

I will recommend this book to anyone who loves children’s literature, who wants to take a trip down memory lane through a book, rediscover old favourites, and be reminded of the magic of books. Bookworm might make you run to your neighborhood library or your neighborhood bookstore, because that happened to me.

So, Bookworm: A Memoir of Childhood Reading, in one word is, enchanting!

Have a happy 2021. Let us read a lot with our children, create beautiful memories and stay sane and safe. Thank you for being a part of our library and our lives this past year. We are looking forward to 2021 with excitement and hope.

Sudeshna Shome Ghosh: The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, Charlie Mackesy

If there ever was a book that could shine a light of hope in uncertain times and that brought to the fore our innermost fears and insecurities, while giving us the wings of upliftment in hope and happiness, it is this beautiful book. It is a series of reflections shared by four friends as they traverse landscapes together. Adorned with drawings in pen and ink that are quirky, masterful, and unforgettable, this is the perfect book to dip into any time of the day and year. I read and re-read it many times, sometimes just turning the pages to enjoy the beauty of the object I was holding. It is a book for anyone of any age, and one that should, at least once, be read with your child held close to you.

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Library Newsletter December 2020

Hello from Cosy Nook Library!

In the blink of an eye, we are at the last month of 2020! From the month of July, we have reached out to you through our newsletters with library news, book recommendations, new arrivals and more, and we hope to keep up this engagement steadily into the new year as well.

2020, a look back

The year was special for us because we started our brand new library at ILM Montessori in Koramangala. On 26th January, we opened our doors to the kids of the city, with shelves filled with books and hope in our hearts.

Our members responded with such enthusiasm and love that we were overwhelmed. Our dream of creating a space filled with the love of books, where children could experiment with different types of books and where they were unafraid to exercise their reading choices had been fulfilled.

Along with that, we celebrated the fourth birthday of our first library in Raheja Residency with cake, dancing and special recognitions for all our fantastic readers. Their love makes every step in this journey worthwhile.

To all of you we say a big thank you, for keeping us going, and for helping us stay open through these difficult months.

2021 beckons!

And as that old song goes, ‘It’s a whole new world…A new beginning…’ So here we are, nearly on the other side of a pandemic.

We are happy to announce that now both our libraries are open for browsing. We welcome walk-ins, and would love to bring in new members into our cosy nooks. Visit us soon, or you can chat with us on the phone, online or on email.


Cosy Nook Library, Raheja Residency: Tuesday and Friday, 3.30-5 pm

Cosy Nook Library, ILM Montessori: Thursday and Saturday, 3-5 pm


Children’s Day Special

We had a grand Children’s Day celebration in November, when we teamed up with Tinkle and Amar Chitra Katha to celebrate their 40th birthday at Cosy Nook Library! Tinkle’s Group Art Director, Savio Mascarenhas conducted an art workshop where he taught the participants how to create their own comic panels. There was a fantastic cake baked by a Cosy Nook mom, Veena Nambiar. Part of the proceeds from the workshop fee collected went to support Bombay to Barcelona, a café in Mumbai managed and run by orphaned, erstwhile street children. So thank you for your wonderful support for this cause as well.


Books! Books! Books! New on our shelves

1.   Nomad’s Land, Paro Anand, age 12+

2.   Loki Takes Guard, Menaka Raman, age 12+

3.   The Adventures of Goopy the Singer and Bagha the Drummer, Upendrakishore Ray Choudhury, age 6+

4.   Gulgul in Jungalu, Ashok Rajagopalan, age 6+

5.   Gulgul in Sea-Saw Gara, Ashok Rajagopalan, age 6+

6.   Gulgul in Parapara, Ashok Rajagopalan, age 6+

7.   You, Me and Empathy, Jayneen Sanders, age 5+

8.   Become a Junior Entrepreneur, Vrunda Bansode, age 10+

Librarians Recommend

Anitha Murthy: Queen of Earth, Devika Rangachari

Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres. I love how we are able to immerse ourselves in a bygone time, and see the actual people involved as humans with desires and qualities that we can identify with, rather than a dry list of dates and battles that need to be reproduced in exams.

Queen of Earth by Devika Rangachari is one such book that gives us a glimpse of political machinery and the statecraft of areas of current-day Odisha. Women were invaluable pawns in a king’s world, but could they break free and stand on their own? 

The story unfolds beautifully, with betrayals, battles, and bravery. Loyalties are constantly under threat, and intrigues are par for the course. The book glides through it all, telling us the story of the remarkable Queen Prithvimahadevi, and leaves one hungering for more. For age 12+.

Sudeshna Shome Ghosh: The Teenage Diary of Razia Sultan/Jahanara/Nur Jahan/Jodh Bai/Laxmibai, various authors

At Cosy Nook Library we are happiest when our readers find and like new authors and new kinds of books. One series that quite a few of our tween and teen readers, specially girls, have enjoyed is The Teenage Diary series. Each book in the series is written by a different author—each of whom is a well-known children’s writer. The books are fiction, but based on facts and deeply researched. Each one is in the form of a diary of a famous woman from Indian history when she was a teenager. So it follows the story of Mehrunnisa before she becomes Empress Nur Jahan, and talks about Mughal court and culture. Laxmibai’s diary is about her growing up as a motherless girl, married off to distant Jhansi and how she finds her voice and strength. Razia’s diary is as much about the Delhi Sultanate as it is about a young, fearless warrior finding her foothold in a world dominated by men. The entire series is available in our libraries, and they are perfect for those who love reading about strong women, in their own voices. For age 10+.

Radhika Sathe Mantri: Nomad’s Land, Paro Anand

Nomad’s Land is a book I believe every teenager and the significant adult in that teenager’s life needs to read. Author Paro Anand introduces to us to two young girls, immigrants in a big city who are trying to come to terms with their past. Set against the backdrop of the Kashmiri Pandit ethnic cleansing, the book holds a mirror to all of us in very different ways. This is a very important book because, without any whitewashing of history, without being an apologist for any one side, Paro Anand is able to show the true tragedy of Kashmir that affected all communities.

Nomad’s Land is quite mystical, the language is very lyrical and evocative. By the end of the book, I was friends with Pema and Shanna, the girls of forever skies and their families. I cannot recommend this book enough! Take a bow, Paro Anand! For age 12+.

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Book Talk: Paro Anand on Nomad’s Land

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